Il Giardino delle Aloe Restaurant & Country House

Aegadian Islands/Favignana

Typical restaurant in Favignana, immersed in an Aloe Garden.

Discover our typical fish dishes in a breathtaking and romantic environment

Loyal to typical maritime tradition, the Giardino delle Aloe offers a section of delicious dishes, most of them based on fresh local fish from Favignana and the Aegadian Islands. Among our specialties you can find:

Fresh grilled fish

Trapanese Couscous

Lobster soup

Paranza fried food

Favignanese squid

Fish pasta timballo.

The philosophy we have adopted in our restaurant is based on the identity of our land, with gastronomic “contaminations” that turn our dishes into highly original  creations. We use ingredients in their simplest form as key points for a typical maritime culinary tradition, depending on the catch of the day.

The availability of the small  Favignana fleet of local anglers as well as the fishing season will determine the restaurant menù, in which all the main varieties from the Aegadian sea alternate according to the time of year.

The restaurant (open for dinner on request) has outdoor and indoor tables. For customers arriving from other hotel facilities in Favignana, there’s a shuttle bus available for free.