Il Sale Art Cafè


The restaurant “Il Sale” was opened inside of the art gallery of the same name; the original space in the historic heart of the city of Catania.  It is represented by a set of small, local shops over the years that are skillfully put together until you get to a complex structure consisting of two floors and numerous rooms that you need to look at slowly to appreciate the vaulted ceilings, the ancient floors; inside tradition and modernity are married, Sicilian and international.

The kitchen offers us flavours and fruits of Sicily in a “robe” new pointing on the exaltation of the individual tastes without losing sight of the aesthetic aspect that a dish presented in an art gallery must have.

Il Sale, which we like to call “Mediterranean food and wine”, was born and continues to evolve thanks to the passion of someone who has strongly backed its realisation: every ingredient, every dish, every decoration is based on research, by a trial that has its roots on willingness to use, discover and find foods closely linked to the territory, but always integrated and enhanced by innovative entries.

All preparations make use of traditional ingredients from small productions and by farmers who still use the traditional methods.

Il Sale finds its strength in the realisation of daily bread with cherry tomatoes, pistachios, walnuts and olives.  Also the pasta, we realised, becomes a moment of diversity: black noodles (prepared with squid ink) are served with a cream of almonds … the traditional pasta to the norm becomes ravioli we stuffed with aubergine cream, and don’t forget to try tortelli with chocolate!

Finally, to dedicate a space to desserts; the chocolate cake is made with fondant to 75% and with a clever temperature game you get a warm heart that gives considerable emotions; a parfait of yogurt accompanied by a warm pudding with almonds and strawberry sauce; cottage cheese (strictly sheep’s) to be enjoyed with a crunchy almond which offers us simplicity and delicacy.

The goal is to create an elegant yet casual setting within which guests can find cordiality tasting dishes and tasting wines in absolute serenity, surrounded by works of art; the restaurant “Il Sale” is a mixture of languages ​​that are experienced with all senses: sight, taste, and smell.