Il Torrente

Messina/Capo d'Orlando

The Sicilian cuisine has its origins in ancient times and has evolved considerably over the centuries.  Once you experience the colours and smells of the Sicilian cuisine, it will be difficult to forget. The Sicilian cuisine while having a common basis, in the area differs by region depending on whether you are in coastal areas or inland, from here comes the combinations “Mare & Monti”.  The fish, along with crops that come from a particularly fertile land, which, legumes, fruits, vegetables, not to mention the pasta, are the essence of what is called “Mediterranean diet.”

The rediscovery of ancient tastes, Il Torrente fully assimilating customs and traditions of Sicily, moved into its cuisine and pizzas, and characters never forgotten.  Enriching the bouquet of flavours with simple recipes but at the same time a rich fantasy of appetisers with seafood or typical homemade, first courses, second courses of absolutely fresh fish and cooked on the grill.  As well as grilled meat, homemade desserts and many other specialties, accompanied by a good selection of Sicilian wines.

‘Il Torrente’, a triumph of flavours, smells and colours.