La Grotta


Restaurant La Grotta proposes traditional Sicilian dishes, and Scicli in particular, as “scacce” and i “m’panati” vegetable or cuttlefish, fresh pasta with sardines, ricotta ravioli with sauce or arancine and pulses, but also excellent dishes based on fresh fish and delicious Sicilian pastries like “cannoli”, almond frost, lemon and cinnamon, and “cassata”.

The chef and landlord is Angelo Di Tommasi.

Immigrated very young to Nuremberg in Germany, gained experience by working in Italian restaurants alongside chef instructors at the best levels, and in 2005 returned “home”, to Scicli, to open the Restaurant Pizzeria “The Cave.”

Its cuisine is made of “tradition”, the authenticity and love for the past and for his land.  Each dish is inspired by the recipes of peasant “poor” cuisine, but is cleverly reworked with flair and creativity.

The use of ingredients and raw materials carefully selected and all strictly zero km, makes his unique dishes truly “sapurusi”.