La Scaletta Restaurant & Bar

Aegadian Islands/Marettimo

As far as food is concerned, I think that there are few absolute truths. Therefore, when I decided to open a restaurant I was a bit undecided on what to offer. Everyone told me: “Go for Mum’s or Nan’s cuisine… tradition… ”

And they were right, the experience of the past must be respected and must be at the core. But islands (or myself) are not necessarily isolated realities.

We belong to an open world, a wider world from which, through mysterious winds,  influences come from places far away in space and in time.

From early childhood, we build up a map of scents and flavours that stays with us throughout our entire life. My favourite spots on this map are basil, onions, oregano and rosemary. They mark the place I call home.

Nubia red garlic, basil, almonds and oil from Castelvetrano. A sauce made with these ingredients turns spaghetti from being just food into a summer day, around noon, when the relentless sun spares no one and you need a glass of chilled white wine to go with it.

When you come to lunch with me I would like to convey these feelings to you.