La Tramontana Fish Food

Trapani City

The cooperative “La Tramontana” was established in Trapani on November 17, 2006.
The social goal of the cooperative involves mainly fishing and related activities, either with its own means or with the means of its members, the activity of embarking persons that are not part of the crew on fishing vessels, for touristic and recreational purpose (fishing tourism), as well as accommodation, food services, recreational and cultural activities, aimed at a proper use of aquatic ecosystem and fisheries resources, enhancing the socio-cultural aspect of the world of the fishermen (ichthyo tourism).
The cooperative intends to pursue and obtain, by means of management in partnership, continuity of employment and the best economic, social and professional conditions. In particular, it carries out the fishing activity with the fishing vessel “Nuovo Salvatore”, owned by the cooperative. The vessel is authorized for the local coastal fishing within 6 nautical miles with the trawling fishing system, seine, gillnet and longline.