Country House Parco Vecchio


Agriturismo Parco Vecchio is located in the countryside of inland forests from Palermo, it is located in the municipality of Marineo territory.  It offers catering services, exclusively with typical home-grown produce, traditional cuisine and warm accommodation.  You will not easily forget your stay at Il Vecchio Park – which has large forest areas for hiking, horseback riding, motorcycle, off-road.  The service of bed & breakfast – guided excursions in the most famous tourist resorts in the province of Palermo, such as: Marineo, Monreale, Ficuzza, Tagliavia, Corleone, Palermo, Bagheria, Cefalù, the temples of Agrigento, Piana of the Albanians.  An ancient historic mansion dating back to the Arab period, originally built by King Ruggero in 1100’s approximately, also present on site is a small church with frescoes dating from 1470.  The farm is located in the forest of Manca.  Its name derives from the tradition that King Ruggero implanted in a reserve area hunting, so to distinguish it from other parks which were born at a later date, in 1300 it was donated to the monks Cistercenzi.  At the end of 1400 it underwent profound transformations that led to the construction of a church in which frescoes were recently discovered depicting Saints Bernardo and John the Baptist and a portion representing San Domenico.

Agriturismo Parco Vecchio is one of the few, if not the only one in the area, to be a farm in the strict sense, which produces and processes all the products served at the restaurant.  It also sells cheeses, cold cuts, cheese, olives, olive oil, wine and vegetables.