Restaurant Bocum Mixology


The Vucciria is a fascinating market whose name derives from the word Bucceria, and the French boucherie is a dense network of narrow streets and squares, palaces and squares once the scene of merchants and travellers.  The colours, the silence of the night, the hubbub of the taverns and the history of the historic centre of Palermo make this location a decadent elegance.

The kitchen is the place where different nationalities live together, and people with different experiences and habits:  Sicily and Japan.  Two places from ancient knowledge always in the foreground on the stage of Gastronomy.

The chefs are different in the “knowledge and taste” and at the same time complementary in the desire to experiment.  It is visible by the inspiration of the dishes, the scent of each product and the story behind each recipe.  The Mixology experience invades the kitchen and transports the customer on a journey to discover new sensations while maintaining an ancient heart.

The Mixology, the art of mixology, in fact, is based on a delicate balance of ingredients, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that have to be united and chosen with painstaking attention.  Inside each glass there is a story, a job, there’s the pleasure of conviviality.

Mixology is a new way of interpreting drink, closer and closer to a sensory experience that combines taste and art from the choice of the glass until the ice making.