Restaurant Il Pipino Rosso


Il pipino Rosso is a dream born from a passion and realised in an environment that is itself red like passion. In the heart of Palermo a stone’s throw from the most beautiful sites of this beautiful city, the Teatro Massimo, the Cathedral, the Quattro Canti.

We do not want to be just a place to eat, but a site where the body finds comfort and exalts the spirit, thanks to a careful cuisine with the freshness of the ingredients, the simplicity of the cooking with an eye on tradition.

Il Pipino Rosso will transmit new emotions with complex solutions ranging from flavours of traditional Sicilian cuisine, with international influences, in the modern kitchen.

Environments characterised by red, are warm and cosy, perfect to bring out the flavours, ideal for creating unforgettable situations.  The space is versatile and is suitable for private parties, cocktails, romantic dinners, business presentations or events of any kind.

The friendliness is home to the Il Pipino Rosso, you will always find a smile and, above all, people who aim to satisfy your desires.  The menu will vary continuously, based on the seasonality and the chef’s imagination.