Restaurant Marrakech


Our story begins in 1996 when, driven by the desire to give the city of Palermo something new, we decided to create a place which would contain such distant and exotic environments, a place that would give the idea of ​​being on vacation, telling the flavours of a journey, away from routine and chaos of the city.

And that is why we tried to recreate an ethnic ambience, inspired by the Maghreb, welcoming and engaging, where the skillful combination of food and infusions, spices and scents, sounds and textures, materials and colours, presents the visitor moments of life in Morocco.

We started focusing more on a place where in the late evening, you could eat something, even typical, but nothing particularly challenging; in fact our first menu had few Arabic specialties and lots of salads and sandwiches, and, moreover, was what at that time was asked of a local like ours.

Times have gradually changed and with them also the Palermo nightlife:  We have become more demanding, curious and eager to learn about worlds and new flavours, facing towards multiculturalism increasingly widespread.

The growing demand from our customers and love for “good eating” prompted us to always offer more traditional Arabic cuisine, changing the menu with the addition of more and more specific and refined dishes, which gave the opportunity to savour and breathe through food of Moroccan culture.

The result of careful and continuous research, in collaboration with our now ‘old chef’ is a restaurant that offers and  created the opportunity to delight the palate with unique flavours, hearty, even strong aromas of rich, expertly balanced and well combined.  All of which are prepared following the recipes of the true Moroccan cuisine, using spices that we import directly from Morocco, not to mention a touch of originality with elements entirely personal, that make our traditional and innovative menu at the same time.

And to please even those who do not like experimenting with exotic tastes and who prefer to “play it safe” foods with classic Italian cuisine, we have, from the beginning, also suggested “our house” dishes with an Italian menu, also a result of continuous experimentation, which over time has become richer in tempting and tasty offerings.

In short, a “taste lab” that encompasses the best gastronomic tradition of Mediterranean cuisine and the dishes of Moroccan cuisine, focusing on research of genuineness, authenticity and absolute freshness of the products.

But Marrakech is, as always, a lounge bar, with a wide selection of cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, many of which, the most particular, are of our invention, prepared with only the finest ingredients.  And what about the infusions: A menu dedicated only to tea and herbal tea, with very precious flavours and mixtures and filters enclosed in elegant silk and served with teapots made of blown glass, the perfect combination of modernity and tradition.