Restaurant-Pizzeria La Braciera


For over 30 years La Braciera aims to offer its clients an exclusive service and class, making every moment unforgettable in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  The restaurant has air-conditioning and a furnished living room decorated with care and rustic elegance.

La Braciera is proud to be the first pizzeria in Palermo to have begun to use the sourdough and the slow maturation of the dough with a minimum of 48 hours and to use of so-called “alternative mixes” giving a turn to the whole cityscape. Our chef only chooses the best ingredients and the most genuine, carefully selected to offer the best, always good and tasty specialties.  Besides traditional dough you will find the dough of 6 cereals, mixed with soy flour, STG dough, spelt dough, Trinacria dough, kamut dough, and zero yeast dough.

You can also enjoy excellent Italian cuisine, dishes associated with the Sicilian culinary tradition, always a rich and assorted seasonal menu where every dish is prepared with care and professionalism so as to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

The pizza restaurant has always stood out in town for the quality and taste of the dishes and pizza proposals, but also for the freshness of the ingredients used, as well as the friendly and quick service of the staff.