Restaurant Pizzeria Marco Polo

Agrigento/San Leone

The restaurant “Marco Polo” is the ideal place to savour the special flavours of the Sicilian culinary tradition and Agrigento.  The specialties of the “Marco Polo” are the dishes based on fish and an endless array of appetisers typical of Sicily, accompanied by the finest Sicilian wines.  Marco Polo is suitable for a romantic dinner for two and for a night out.

Thanks to air-conditioned indoor rooms and good sized outer space, it is the ideal venue for events from banquets to receptions.

With respect for the culinary traditions, taste and imagination in the choice of specialties, beginning with the starters, Marco Polo makes fresh fish, always different and tasty, classic linguine with seafood, risotto scented flavours of the sea, the swordfish rolls and grilled fresh fish.  And to satisfy the palate until the last course, exotic fruits and the typical prickly pear served cold with honey and pistachios, followed by the typical Sicilian desserts prepared at home, the Sicilian cassata and the rustic tart with almonds and pistachios, a triumph of Mediterranean flavours, selected by Sicilian chefs.