Restaurant la Siesta

Messina/Santa Lucia del Mela

We are located in Saint Lucia del Mela, a lovely hillside town in the province of Messina, one of the favourite residences by Frederick II of Swabia during his reign in Sicily.

It is just 10 km from Milazzo and 40 km from Messina.  To reach us, you must exit from the motorway Milazzo (motorway A20 Messina – Palermo).

Our menu starts with appetisers ranging from custom melted cheese, with wild boar ham, ricotta, mushrooms  and omelettes, etc.

It continues with first dishes: fresh pasta stuffed with various toppings (mushrooms, meat sauce, asparagus, fennel, etc.), then continue with meat for seconds.

You will have the pleasure of tasting the mutton cooked tiles or even the wild boar stew with chestnuts.  You can taste the delicious roasted sausages, the delicious rolls and sliced ​​grilled veal, served with particular aromas.

And then? Well, there’s more!

In such a traditional cuisine in its flavours, you certainly could not miss the taste of classic and delicious “Piparelle”, accompanied with Zibibbo wine.

To conclude, our sweets are the sorbets and schiumone (classic Sicilian ice cream) etc.