Restaurant Moon


The restaurant ‘Moon’ kitchen is made for curious and attentive palates.  If you are drawn to products that come from farms in the area, if you want to eat foods that have no labels to read or want to try new things and genuine tastes, if you want to eat lightly or you have food allergies, if you enjoy healthy cuisine, if you want to give your children healthy things, good and simple, if you love the experiments and the colours (and not dyes), if, even at the table, you want to act responsibly, ethically, socially and environmentally, if you like to be amazed you will be happy to stop in our restaurant.

Here it is to also learn!  Our kitchen is a kitchen where at any time you can understand and ask how the fish was done, the dish that delighted you to be able to reproduce at home.  We offer not only a ‘doggy bag’ but also a ‘bag idea’.  Moon kitchen will be a laboratory of gastronomic influences, ethnic and social, which periodically organise meetings and cooking classes for aspiring ‘non chefs’, but gourmets!

Our menu presents surprises every day; respect nature and what it offers us every day.  Everything we produce:  Sweet, vegan cheese, and jams.   No revenue from us with haste, we are not a fast food restaurant but each course is created and composed at the time.  We offer you an experience in which the taste goes hand in hand with the well-being and genuine food.