Tenuta Margitello


The rediscovery of ancient Ragusa and Sicilian flavours is characteristic of the dishes prepared in our restaurant.  Besides breakfast, guests can sample the delicious dinners prepared with homemade products such as grilled meats, cheese and ricotta from our own cattle farms, the oil obtained from the pressing of olives harvested on the estate and the oranges of our citrus grove.

Typical dishes of the Ragusa tradition are the “scacce” seasoned with tomato and cheese, with ricotta and parsley, with eggplant and tomato, with potatoes and sausage, as a first course the famous gouged and ravioli with ricotta pork sauce, all prepared with fresh pasta according to the recipe passed down from mother to daughter.

The roasted sausage and stuffed pork chops are the second dish par excellence, accompanied by homemade bread.  And finally you cannot miss the cannoli followed by a glass of limoncello or cannellini also prepared at home.