Trattoria Arco


Trattoria Arco is located in Modica in the initial part of the historic centre.  The restaurant, born in 1965, is owned by Grace Gintoli, she manages the restaurant together with a courteous and friendly staff.  Come and meet her!  Trattoria Arco awaits you with its first courses Modicani renowned, second courses offer the typical sweets of the area.

Famous are our home-made cakes and our typical Modica menu.  Browse through our photo gallery and come and enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by expert hands with great experience.

Today the owner of Trattoria Arco is very, nice Grace Gintoli, a soingle lady who will welcome you with her proverbial kindness and courtesy.  You can choose to eat in a large room or a more intimate room.  You will have the honour to taste the homemade dishes of Mrs. Grace: ricotta ravioli, cavatieddi with pork sauce, local vegetables, the scacce modicane tastings (typical local cakes); antipasti with cheese, fried.   These are just some of the dishes expertly prepared by the hands of Mrs. Grace.  Traditional flavours, traditional delicious recipes that will bring you back in time to discover a world of the past.

Enjoy the house wine, served in a carafe and only taste the sweetness all recommended by Grace, Blancmange, you will not regret.