Trattoria Chicchirichi


The restaurant wants to revive the ancient Sicilian cuisine, by preparing recipes that use only products strictly seasonal, supported by a strong passion for food handlers.

All products purchased from us are processed as the Sicilian tradition teaches us, without preservatives and dyes.  Also, we do not store products such as, cheese, meats and vegetables in the pantry for long, these are purchased weekly; thus proposing dishes with natural and the freshest ingredients as possible.

Let’s start from the ricotta, it is selected and purchased by the producer in a family run dairy.  The cold cuts and meats are always purchased fresh from agricultural butchers.  The homemade bread is bought by a baker from the area, of a sourdough recipe (no yeast) cooked in a wood oven.  The fresh pasta is produced from our kitchen.  The vegetables are purchased directly from local farmers.  When possible, during the seasons, we gather our typical wild vegetables, like fennel, chicory, mushrooms and more from the countryside.