Baglio San Nicola Country House

Province of Agrigento/Naro

In the hills inland from Agrigento is the ‘Baglio San Nicola’.  Its enchanting and majestic structure, dating from the late nineteenth century, is about the recent renovations which enabled it to maintain its structural characteristics, allowing guests to stay in a place of timeless charm.

Typical of the countryside near Agrigento, in the past the beam presented several lodgings, stables, warehouses for the crops and work tools, built around a central courtyard which was accessed by a large entrance gate.  Typically the owner and his family lived on the upper floors, while the lower floors were intended for farmers and storage of supplies.

Today the Baglio San Nicola is a farmhouse that stands out for its ability to fuse together the taste and refinement of the past with the comforts and the trends of the present.