B&B Macalube ★ ★

Province of Agrigento/Aragona

Ours is a family run B&B where you will find availability and courtesy.
Being situated between the sea and the mountain you will not be short of things to do and see, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
We are a few kilometres from Agrigento where you can visit the Valley of the Temples, the Archaeological Museum and the house of Luigi Pirandello.  If you want to go to the beach the nearest places are:  San Leone and Porto Empedocle also reachable by bus (the stops are a 5-minute walk).

In our area you can visit The Macalube, La Torre del Salto D’anjou, La Piazza del Rosario, The Prince’s Palace, an ancient Roman Villa, and The Mines of Sulphur that were the backdrop to some short stories by Pirandello or a nice grilled in area equipped muxaro.  For those who need to stay near the hospital, St John of God,  is just minutes from Aragon.

The B & B Macalube is located:

  • A 5-minute walk are stops for buses to Palermo, Agrigento, Comitini, St. Elizabeth, Raffadali; in the summer to the beaches of San Leone and Porto Empedocle;
  • And near the station Aragon-Caldare, reachable by bus;
  • We are en route to the nature reserve of Macalube;
  • 2 km dall’Aviopista Macalube, track for min and max models and helicopters for use in charge is Graceffa Salvatore 3286129840  www. gamaclub.com/regolamento. html 
  • 5 km from Mineral Park of Aragon;
  • A 5 km Riding San Benedetto Riding school, horse riding, hiking, horse therapy;
  • A 26 km from Scala dei Turchi;
  • A 15 km from the Valley of the Temples;
  • A 7 km from the hospital Saint John of God of Agrigento;
  • A 18 km from the ‘Autodromo ‘Valley of Temples’;
  • In the vicinity of Tower Jump D’Angio (defensive bulwark built in the fourteenth century) Area
    equipped “Pizzutello” barbecue in pine forest;
  • At 10 minutes from Comitini and Zolfare;
  • A 10-minute “Petra Calathansuderj territory of Comitini near Caves;
  • In a radius of 500 metres you will find: Children’s Playground Giocolandia, Supermarket, Restaurant, Pizzeria, 2 bakeries, Mechanic, Bike Repair, Cleaning, Court, Gym, Ice, Tobacco, Bar, Gas Supply, Services of barbershops and hair salons, Catholic church. etc … Ours is also a flat area used by athletes to perform walking, jogging or cycling to the Macalube.