Casa Vacanze Senia del Rais

Aegadian Islands/Favignana


Casa Vacanze Senia del Rais is an exemplary expression of our passion for hospitality and tourism. More than just an accommodation, we conceived it as a home for your holidays, your opportunity to experience in full the beauty and freedom that Favignana offers.

The property is located less than 500 meters from the sea in the Contrada Calamoni and is the result of the restoration of an old cottage, which kept many original architectural and historic elements such as the ancient water basin with its ‘noria’ and the striking ‘tufa’ stone quarry.

The name Senia del Rais refers to the fact that it belonged to a former Rais (the boss, the main man) of the mattanza (tuna catching technique), who lived in the 19th century.During the winter months, fishermen were engaged in farming and used to live in cottages like this one.