Grand Hotel delle Terme ★ ★ ★ ★

Province of Agrigento/Sciacca

Grand Hotel delle Terme was recently renovated in every department, certainly represents an interesting novelty in the Italian thermal scene.
The highly therapeutic properties of the thermal springs of Temini Imerese are lost in the mists of time.

Already the people of the Phoenicians, and later that of the Greeks offer a clear testimony of the beneficial effects of the water.
It’s a fabled fact that the “Nymphs did gush from the warm waters of Termini Imerese sources to refresh tired Hercules of the long road.”

Later, the Romans built a grand building reserved exclusively for the treatment of diseases.
From this ancient structure, which in part still remains unchanged, is born to the late nineteenth century to a design by the prestigious architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda, the Grand Hotel delle Terme.

The structure, which should be emphasized, only in Sicily, contains within itself the Albergo the Spa, offers the customer 70 rooms with 13 suites, Jacuzzi tub, TV, mini bar, air conditioning, restaurant, gym , indoor and outdoor pool, psycho-physical well-being centre and beauty farm and a large garden.

The cures are all covered by the National Health Service and more social security institutions.  It is therefore possible at any time of year, to take advantage of the thermal cure cycle, according to the prescription prescribed by your doctor, only through the payment of the health ticket.
Knowing the efficiency and quality of our services, we believe we can guarantee our guests excellent service.