Hotel Ristorante Borgo Nocchiara ★★★

Carlentini / Province of Syracuse

3 km from Leontini archaeological site, surrounded by pleasant countryside in north Aretusea, full of orange and olive trees, on a hill overlooking Etna and the sea of ​​the Ionian coast and in between Catania and Siracusa, lies Borgo Nocchiara.

A countryside hotel in the old Sicilian style, Borgo Nocchiara was inspired by the small village of yesteryear, with the central square overlooked by the houses. Our individually numbered rooms are cozy and simply furnished. All reachable through narrow alleys and stairways constructed from lava basalt, Borgo Noccahiara is made up of small buildings, set back on a hill surrounded by Mediterranean countryside.

Borgo Nocchiara has 11 rooms, all well furnished, with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and TV. Furnished with country-style pieces, furniture has been chosen to make your stay comfortable. The rooms are small, pastel-coloured brick houses, all facing a central courtyard, exactly as in the ancient rural villages of Sicily.

The atmosphere is that of a village of yesteryear against the back drop of Mount Etna.