Hotel Scala dei Turchi Resort ★ ★ ★ ★

Province of Agrigento/Realmonte

An elegant and luxurious resort in a superb location, in one of the most fascinating places on the southern coast of Sicily.

Scala dei Turchi Resort facing right on the beautiful beach of Scala dei Turchi, renowned throughout the world for its  cliff of marl, pure white, jutting out into the azure sea.

The RTA Scala dei Turchi Resort is a few minutes away from the most important places in the province of Agrigento, such as: Valley of the Temples of Agrigento’s historic centre,  theatre Luigi Pirandello , Birthplace of Lugi Pirandello, Porto Empedocle, Greek theatre of Eraclea Minoa, WWF Reserve Torre Salsa, Villa Romana Realmonte, Church of the Holy Cross of Siculiana, Salt Cathedral of Realmonte.