Hotel Suite D’Autore Art & Design ★ ★ ★

Piazza Armerina/Province of Enna

The vision of Suite d’Autore is the creation of places and environments through objects, colors and communicative artefacts, which in spite of many images, are not always accessible to everyone. Places without space nor time, between reality and fantasy are characterized by the concept of “Total Work of Art”, the Gesamtkunstwerk of nineteenth-century matrix, where each single part is designed in a harmonious rapport with everything to create an extraordinary charm.

Besides performing its natural function as a residence, Suite d’Autore rises both a cultural and educational role, offering an interpretation of the highlights of design history and contemporary trends, both the gallery for the promotion of young artists and designers and of real works of art.

Suite d’Autore is an art-design hôtel: a hotel with art and design works. Spaces in Suite are heterogeneous and of great charm: the pictorial creations of Beppe Madaudo to serial objects by Philippe Stack. The choice of these naturally depends on the taste of those who designed it: the art director and the owner, who for the occasion was (re-) created entrepreneur-designer-gallery owner.

Unlike “common” (art-) design hôtels scattered around the world, Suite d’Autore offers, if one may say so, the added value of organizing his artistic content through a series of themes that ideally trace the history the beginning of the twentieth century design to the present day: Geometry in the vanguard, Lightness in modern Movement, Magic and Irony of Italian design, Stravaganza between Pop and ipermerce, Fluency “cross.” Each work was wisely designed – and choice – to communicate a particular period or movement or trend or design approach … As a result, these works (sculptures, photographs, paintings, artifacts, etc.) can be understood as communicative artifacts which express the theme contributing to the definition of an environment harmoniously integrated.



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