Hotel Wine Relais Feudo del Pisciotto ★ ★ ★ ★


Wine Relais Feudo del Pisciotto is located in a perfect position to make use of the best that South-East Sicily has to offer.
The harmonic contrast between the ancient and modern style makes unique the atmosphere of the 10 rooms/suites obtained in the habitable part of the eighteenth century Palmento, the largest of all Sicily, where still are the tanks in which, by gravity, the Greeks and the Romans produced wine.
Spacious and elegant living spaces, a terrace where you can enjoy a unique view of the reserve del Pisciotto, the richest of cork oaks of the island and 300 other species, and the surrounding vineyards.  Those are the vineyards where are grown the grapes to produce the wines with labels designed by top Italian designers (from Versace to Missoni, with the highest quality rating received by international critics) and the view of the reserve of the Pisciotto, the largest cork oak forest in the whole island, which contains also 300 other species.  A tasting room with an exciting view of the barrel through the transparent floor made of glass.
25 minutes away from Caltagirone, which has been the capital of ceramics for 3000 years; 35 minutes away from the Villa Romana del Casale (Piazza Armerina) and the new airport of Comiso and an hour from Catania.  About one hour from the Baroque town of Noto and the Greek theatres of Syracuse.


At Wine Relais Feudo del Pisciotto, it is possible to chose between 10 rooms, all of which are located in the oldest wing of Palmento.  The rooms are subdivided into three types:
6 Classic Rooms
3 Superior Rooms
1 Prestige Suite
In every room it is possible to immerse yourself in a unique, secluded atmosphere; a seamless synthesis of tradition and elegance, where the high class modern furniture is in perfect harmony with the delicately restored framework of 18th century baglio.  This rare example of Brandian restoration was based on the principles of the critic Cesare Brandi, who hoped to stabilise the effect of time on the appeal of the building.


Feudo del Pisciotto is located at the very heart of Sicily, just a few kilometres from Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina.  The winery includes a new building, the very core of production capable of processing up to 10,000 hectoliters of wine, the ancient Baglio from the Eighteenth century, that will soon become a resort of inimitable class and, when tastefully restored, the largest Palmento, from the Latin word “paumentum”, which conjures up the movement of the grape press by force of gravity, considered today one of the best techniques.  Restored without any modifications, the Palmento is directly connected to the modern cellar.
If Tuscany, together with Piedmont, is the most prestigious wine region of Italy, in recent years Sicily has also established itself as a land of great wines.  A region that the Greeks and Romans used to call Enotria for its celebrated vocation for the cultivation of the vine.  In fact, the climate and soil of the island are a quality assurance, as well as quantity.  The point is that for a long, perhaps too long time, it has been the second to prevail on the first in the interests of local and foreign producers.  The Sicilian wines, together with other wines from the South of Italy, were used to be sold in bulk in a more or less transparent way to remedy the production deficiencies of wines from Central and Northern France and other countries, especially during the bad years.  However, in recent years, thanks to the pioneering work of some large families of Sicilian farmers as well as institutions such as the Regional Institute of Vine and Wine, the wine making of the island has discovered a productive and cultural renaissance, made of large investments, believing that this land would be able to produce high quality wines.  In this new movement of Sicilian revival, Feudo del Pisciotto, the first Sicilian company of DCC group (together with Castellare di Castellina and Rocca di Frassinello in Tuscany and Gurra di Mare the other Sicilian winery), is doing its part.