Il Pagliaro di Linosa

Pelagie Islands/Linosa

A distinguished and comfortable environment, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden where Aloe Arborescens reigns. The imposing volcano, the ravishing blue of the bay below, Scopoli’s shearwater (Calonestris Diomedea) emanating its weird strident call on moonless nights and lastly, the enveloping silence: this is what the Pagliaro can offer to its guests.

Built at the beginning of the nineteen century as a barn, the ruins of the Pagliaro were restored twenty years ago, first as a dependence of the nearby residence, then as a guest house and a holiday home

The house has a living room and a self-contained bedroom. The kitchen is located outside at the veranda.  Antique furniture, paintings and rugs, together with the Afghan sofa and a library with books in different languages, suggest what the Pagliaro is: a little Maison de Charme.