Masseria Agnello

Province of Agrigento/Realmonte

Corner of the region where the sensory pathways are combined with architectural elements of ancient rural civilization wisely recovered.
Masseria Agnello, overlooking a beautiful hill facing the African sea, lies on an ancient nineteenth settlement once the fief of a Sicilian noble family.  Points lend themselves to an emotional journey, enriched by genuine flavours of a generous land.

The farm consists of a main building, former home of “Massaro”, and self-contained apartments retrieved from existing settlements.
The restoration of the whole structure has retained the charm of the old Sicilian houses of the late nineteenth century.  The old warehouses opens, on the ground floor hall and the convivial area, where you can appreciate the typical products of this land.
On the upper floors, are the guest rooms that maintain the architectural elements of the past.

Previoulsy a shelter for animals and the homes of peasants, thanks to  careful work of the apartments, they are now furnished with care and taste welcoming a good blend with the rest of the structure.

Interestingly the internal and external relationship that allows guests to live in close contact with the garden and the olive grove of which every room opens, and also enjoys a sea view.

The elegance and charm of yesteryear offers guests the pleasure of memory and the most modern comforts.