Relais Casa Mirabile ★ ★ ★ ★

Province of Agrigento/Menfi

Relais Casa Mirabile is born in the space of a structure whose original name was Old Reserve, a house of the seventeenth century, the property of a wealthy nobleman from Agrigento, who gave it to his beloved.

He chose that house every morning so that she could wake up looking at the sea he loved so much, but remaining protected from the heat that would not stand being native to North Europe.

She chose the furniture, bringing with them a little ‘taste of his homeland and devoted himself passionately to the garden until the gentleman, a widower, was finally able to retire to live with her ​​and rejoice together in the wonderful views that can be enjoyed from the estate.

The restoration was made ​​a careful study to keep the original colours and some survivors were valued elements to time.

Even the choice of furnishings, frames, even the plants have complied with the historical information, without neglecting all the comforts that can pamper our guests during their stay.

Today the Relais Casa Mirabile is an accommodation old from the soul, but continuously updated, taking into account the needs of guests, up to date services, without betraying its history.

The rooms are with attention to detail, the restaurant welcomes guests and captures with authentic flavours, the halls and the garden is framed for weddings, events, exhibitions.