Abbey of St. Spirit Caltanissetta

Province of Caltanissetta

The Abbey of the Holy Spirit is the oldest church in Caltanissetta.

The Abbey of the Holy Spirit, is one of those small medieval churches that bring you back in time into a mystic atmosphere. Known in Italian as the Abbazia di Santo Spirito, it is the oldest church in Caltanissetta. Initially this church was a fortified farmhouse built from the Arabs in 900s to guard the territory of Caltanissetta. Signs of its ‘military’ past can be noticed from the buildings thick walls, the square tower and other small traces. When the Normans arrived to Siciy their main intention was not only to conquer this land but also to bring back Christianity therefore they changed this old military fort into a church to try and convert the farmers that lived in this area.

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The date when it was originally built is still uncertain, but the Abbey of the Holy Spirit was inaugurated in 1153 as it is testified in a tombstone. Throughout the centuries it was altered many times but the church still holds many works of historic importance.

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Admission Fee:

Opening Times: 

Monday to Friday 18.00; on Saturday & Sunday 9.00, 11.30,18.00

Monday to Friday 17.00; on Saturday & Sunday 9.00, 11.30, 17.00/

Address: Via di Santo Spirito, 57, Caltanissetta

Phone:+39 0934 566596

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