Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta

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The Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta is one of the most important in Sicily and it is very representative of the local civilisations.

The Archaeological Museum displays a collection of ancient and rare findings which illustrate the history of some ancient sites of the urban and extra-urban territory of Caltanissetta. It includes over 5000 relics dating back to the Prehistoric period, found by the Caltanissetta Archaelogical Association in the sites of Pietrarossa, S. Giuliano, Palmintelli, Gibil Gabib, Vassallaggi, Sabucina. Visitors can discover incredible pottery, artefacts and bronze and gold jewellers such as the earrings from the Miniami Necropolis. The museum also shows some of the archaeological findings of Capodarso, a tiny village located in the province of Enna, but historically connected with Caltanissetta and this part of the island. The Archeological Museum also showcases vases, bronzes and other findings from the Bronze Age that were found here during the 1950s as well as some very early Sicilian ceramics.

Admission fee:
Full:  4,00 €
Reduced:  2,00 €

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