Archaeological Park of the Neapolis

Province of Syracuse

The Archaeological Park of the Neapolis is one of the best attraction of Syracuse rich in history and incredible findings.

The archaeological park of the Neapolis hosts the most important ruins of the old Greek Roman city of Syracuse. This park is divided in three sections which include the Latomie, the Greek theatre and the Roman amphitheatre. Neapolis was one of the five quarters of Syracuse during the Greek and Roman periods. It is considered an open air museum where it is possible to find a massive collection of ruins dating back to Sicily’s glorious days.
The first section of the park contains the Latomia del Paradiso (Paradise Quarry), one of the most famous ancient caves of the period. It is a narrow cavern 76 feet high, 214 feet deep, and only about 25 feet wide. Caravaggio called it the Ear of Dionysius because of its anatomical shape. The name latomia comes from the Latin lātomĭae and it means cut stone; and during the Greek – Roman period this dark stone quarry has been used to imprison slaves or war prisoners, and due to its particular shape, guardians were able to hear every word they said. Near this monument it is possible to discover Grotta dei Cordari a wide cave characterised by a tiny fissure framed by water and ferns. Proceeding through the archaeological park you can visit the altar of Gerone II, considered the largest amazing surviving altar of the Magna Graecia. The altar was surrounded by columns and during the Roman era, it was adorned by luxuriant trees in the courtyard; unfortunately today only the base of this huge structure remains.

Close to the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis there are the famous Catacombs of San Giovanni Evangelista. The sight contains almost 10,000 graves from small niches to elegant arched chambers,including gorgeous traces of painting. if you want to discover more about the history behind this suggestive place you can book a guided tour with English expert guides.

It is recommended to choose a Cumulative ticket, which allow you to visti the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis plus the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum, the Catacombs of San Giovanni the Villa Tellaro, and much more.

Practical Informations

Via del Teatro Greco
Tel: 0931 66206 – 65068

Opening Hours: Mon -Sun 9.00 – 5.30pm

Tikets include the Arcaelogical park, the Greek theatre and the Roman amphitheatre
Adult: 10,00 €
Concession: 5,00 €

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