Balata dei Turchi Beach

Pantelleria Island

The Balata dei Turchi offers a wonderful natural environment and a stunning beach becoming a popular destination for Italian and international tourists.

The Balata dei Turchi is a fantastic beach surrounded by towering cliffs 300 meters high and characterized by the remnants of a lava flow that reached the sea. This sandy beach was used for a long time as a landing for pirates and barbarians who wanted to plunder the island and gain good access to Sicily. Its name “Balata” derives from the Arabic word “Balat” which refers to its flat platform shape. The seabed is rocky and sandy with a depth of about 20 meters. This beach is located in the southern part of the island of Pantelleria and tourists can reach this wonderful place via a wild and steep road with tricky access. Due to its location and its difficult access, the Balata Turks still preserves its natural and wild aspect with no fully equipped lidos or visitor facilities.

The recent archaeological excavations uncovered some ancient remains dating back 7000 years, and according to local tradition the beach hosted the icon of Madonna Margana after a shipwreck, and so became the patron saint of the island along with San Fortunato.

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