Bertini Palace

Ragua Ibla Borough

Bertini Palace shows elegant balconies supported by sculptured animals and masks.

Bertini Palace is one of the well preserve example of the Sicilian Baroque architectures in Ragusa. Visiting Ragusa, you can discover its 18 monuments listed in the Unesco World Heritage Sites in 2002, including Bertini Palace. Its facade shows elegant balconies supported by sculptured animals and masks typical of the Baroque style.

Bertini Palace body 1
Bertini Palace, built in the 18th century by Don Salvatore Floridia, was bought by Don Giuseppe Bertini in the middle of the 19th century who decided to completely renovate and redesign its interior.
The most important characteristic of this building is the presence of three stone Mascheroni(big masks) sculptures. These three huge faces, a Rich Merchant, an Aristocratic and a Pauper, dominate the facade symbolising the power of this family.
The first mask, placed on the left side, represents a poor man with a deformed face, his tongue out and some teeth missing. He portraits the powerful of people who, paradoxically, don’t have nothing to lose. On the right side there is the aristocratic man wearing a precious turban depicted with a very satisfied expression. At last the sculpture of the rich merchant stands between the pauper and the noble and he represents the power of the aristocracy, the power of the noble class who makes the rules and can’t afford to observe them.

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