Bosco della Favara Nature Reserve

Province of Palermo

Bosco della Favara Nature Reserve is an incredible green area which preserves the famous Favara and Granza woods.

The Bosco della Favara Nature Reserve is extended about 20 hectares and it is located in the province of Palermo including the villages of Alimusa, Cerda, Sclafani Bagni and Montemaggiore Belsito. Created in 1997, it preserves the well known Favara and Granza woods where it is possible to discover cork-oak trees, gorse, oaks, holm-oaks, holly trees and crab apple trees. Moreover the reserve is also home to a rich wildlife such as fox, martens, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Inside the Granza wood it is possible to visit the Bomes lake where you can admire many rare examples of migratory birds.

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