Bosco della Ficuzza Nature Reserve

Province of Palermo

The Bosco della Ficuzza Nature Reserve offers a wonderful lush Mediterranean vegetation. 

The Bosco della Ficuzza Nature Reserve is a protected natural area located in the province of Palermo included in the Monti Sicani Park in 2013. The reserve covers an area of about 7.398 hectares including Monreale, Godrano, Mezzojuso, Corleone and Marineo. It is dominated by a mountain of limestone, the Rocca Busambra (1613 m above the sea) and it is characterized by a prominent Mediterranean forest. The reserve is rich in rivers that create many natural lakes, called “gorghi”.

How to get there:

From Palermo take the Motorway Palermo – Agrigento, exit Bolognetta. Take the S.S.118 to Corleone, exit Marineo.

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