Caccamo Castle

Province of Palermo

The Caccamo Castle offers a wonderful and breathtaking view of its coastline.

What strikes practically everyone who visits the Caccamo Castle are the stunning views. The winding mountain road may make it a little tricky to get to the charming medieval town of Caccamo, but once you have reached the top you will be mesmerised by the magnificent landscape of the mountains overlooking the San Leonardo River valley below. And your lungs will thank you as well for the fresh air!

This truly beautiful 12th century fortress, well looked after, was originally built by a Norman knight, Matthew Bonnellus and then enlarged and reinforced by Manfredi Chiaramonte in the early 1300. Thick white stone walls, courtyards, square towers, the interior maze of rooms and all the layout reminds of the classic cliche’ castle structure we all have stuck in our imagination.

Caccamo Castle body 1

A little off the main tourist routes it may look a bit forgotten by the local authorities but the friendly locals love to talk and tell you all the stories about the Caccamo Castle if your ready to listen. This also means that you will not get stuck in typical noisy tourist crowds, but you can enjoy the quiet and relaxed pace of this small town.

Admission Fee: €4.00 Full/ €2.00 reduced for teachers and students between 18-25 years of age/ Free under 18 years of age

Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-13.00 & 15.00-19.00/ Monday closed

Address: Piazza dei Caduti, 4 Caccamo (Palermo)

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