Capo Rossello Beach

Province of Agrigento

Capo Rossello is a wonderful beach located near the famous Sacala dei Turchi beach. 

From Capo Rossello you can enjoy a truly breathtaking with the whole of the Costa Bianca and the Scala dei Turchi (Scale of the Turks) to the east and areas of pergolas and Monterosso west. It is an impressive promontory made by red limestones. This seaside is a central point between two chromatic areas known as the White Zone (Zona Bianca) and the Red one(Zona Rossa).

How to get there:
By Car:
Get on Viadotto Akragas/SS115qtr and SS115 to Via Miniera in Porto Empedocle. Continue on Via Miniera. Take Contrada Scavuzzoto Strada Provinciale 27/SP27 in Realmonte.

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