Cathedral of Cefalù: one of the wonders of Sicily

Province of Palermo

One of the wonders of Sicily is the Cathedral of Cefalù.

The Cathedral of Cefalù rises on the top of the hill overlooking the beautiful bay and the narrow streets of the old town centre. Like the Monreale Cathedral, this church is a perfect combination of Western, Islamic and Byzantine styles which create a unique and spectacular architecture and become the lasting sign of the coexistence of multiple religions and cultures in the same place.
Cathedral of Cefalu body 1
The Cathedral of Cefalù was built from 1131 to 1154 by King Roger II and consecrated in 1267. Its façade is well known for its two large Norman towers and its mullioned windows. Moreover the interior of the church is characterized by a Latin cross plan divided into a nave and two aisles.

Its main highlights is the presbytery which has been completely covered with golden and tangled mosaics and a golden Christ Pantocrator which dominates the apse, above the Madonna there are archangels and Apostles.

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This church has a massive cloister where it is possible to admire many columns with capitals decorated with figures from the Bible. It is rumoured that this cloister influenced the craftsmen who worked on the Monreale Cathedral.

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