Cathedral of Messina

Messina City

The cathedral of Messina is a well preserved example of Norman architecture.

The cathedral of Messina, also known as the Duomo, was built in 1120 by orders of the norman King Ruggero II. It took 77 years before it was finally consecrated from the archbishop Benzio whose ceremony was attended by the Swebian King Enrico VI.

The cathedral was damaged several times from fires and earthquakes but somehow they managed to maintain the ancient norman architectural structure. The oldest part still standing is the lower part of the facade with its linear marble bands. Inside the cathedral is marvellous. Covered with highly decorated marble, mosaics and wooden roof, this cathedral is a must see!

Admission Fee: €3.00 for the Audioguide

Opening Times: Everyday 7.30-12.30 &15.45-19.00

Address:  Piazza Duomo, Messina

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