Church of the Martorana

Palermo City

The church of the Martorana is an astonishing well-preserved example of Medieval church in Palermo. 

The church of the Martorana, also known as the Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, is simply jaw-dropping spectacular. In the heart of Palermo, facing the Church of San Cataldo, this small church is a must see when visiting this city. Don’t get fooled from the plain exterior, what you are preparing to experience inside will be breathtaking.

St. Maria of Admiral's Church body 1

For those who love the pompousness of  Byzantine style the interior of this church will be extraordinary. It is rich in artwork and mosaics- gold is everywhere!  Built in 1143 from Giorgio Antiocheno, – the norman King Ruggero’s great Admiral (from here the name of the church ‘ammiraglio’) – it passed through several owners throughout the years. The multiplicity of styles represented in this church are part of its beauty, as in each century it was enriched with more artistic and cultural details.

St. Maria of Admiral's Church body 2

Admission Fee: €2.00 Full/ €1.00 reduced

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 8.30 -13.00 and 15.30-17.30 / Sunday 8.30- 13.00

Address: Piazza Bellini, 3 Palermo

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  • I am going to be in Palermo and wish to visit the cathedral and the Martorana church between 26-29 December.
    May I know the schedule for visitors in these days? thank you

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