Conti di Modica Castle

Province of Ragusa

The Conti di Modica Castle is a charming medieval construction which includes a wide variety of museums and exhibitions. 

The Conti di Modica Castle, also known as Alamo Castle, was built in 1340 by the aristocratic family Peralta who used the castle as their summer resort and stronghold. Later the castle was acquired by the Cabera family, Conti di Modica who gave their name to the building. Following the death of the last Countess of Modica in the 19th century, the castle was bought by the Stuart family. The castle has a rhomboid plan that includes a rectangular courtyard. The construction has two towers with a square plan and two circular towers. These towers had different functions: the higher one – also known as “Torre Maestra” – was used to torture prisoners; the lower square tower was reserved for sentries; the circular tower located to the north-east side of the castle was used to host important guests.

Today the Castle includes the Ethnographic Museum, the Enoteca Storica Regionale, the Museum of Wine and Traditions, a permanent exhibition of the traditional Sicilian puppets (Pupi) and an exhibition dedicated to the sculptures of the Sicilian artist Nicola Rubino.

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