Discover Other Beaches in Messina

Beaches in Messina

Messina offers a series of wonderful beaches along its coastline.

Among the coastline of the Province of Messina you can discover a series of unique seaside resorts:

Nizza di Sicilia which is a small village 25 km southwest of Messina. Arriving in this small town you can reach a beautiful sand and gravel beach with the crystal clear Sicilian sea. The wide and varied marine flora is the perfect scenery for fantastic scuba diving adventures. Even if your goal is a lovely relaxed holiday you can still swim close to shore in this pristine water that you will never forget.
The beach has a magical atmosphere enriched by the incredible colours of the sea floor and the Mediterranean vegetation. From Nizza di Sicilia you can easily reach Taormina, and the Alcantara Gorges. It is considered the widest beach in the province.

Walking along the coast it is incredible how long and extended the stretch of sand placed in this amazing location is, and how sublime and fascinating the different natural environments are. Timpassi is characterised by a shingle and gravel beach with a blue and calm water. Just to reach the bay you must follow a small dirt path, the beach has a lot of free access and some lidos where you can spend your holidays in whichever way you desire.

Continuing the tour high up to the north east coast Rodìa is a memorable old maritime village of 400 people placed in the northern side of Messina district. From its stunning gravel and golden sandy beaches it’s possible to admire the Aeolian Island of LipariStromboliPanarea and Vulcano.

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