Diving associations in Trapani

City of Trapani

Diving in the wonderful Trapani’s seabed will be an unforgettable experience. 

The diving associations in Trapani allow you to discover the marvellous natural environment of this amazing seabed with a series of interesting excursions. Here the list of the main associations where you can book your special excursion:

A.S.D. Pinna Nobilis Divers Club – Petrosino (TP)
The Pinna Nobilis Divers Club is located in Alfa, a small town along the southwestern coast of the province of Trapani. The meeting point is close to the village where you can take a hot shower, refresh, wash and store their own equipment. Thanks to agreements with several accommodations in the area (hotels, campgrounds, cottages, restaurants), the staff of the Pinna Nobilis Divers Club is willing to find the most suitable accommodation for you during your stay. The most important excursions are the Basciu Fora Tour which is considered one of the most beautiful and exciting dive of the coast. It is a long promontory about 4 miles from the coast. This is perhaps the only place in Italy where you can meet the Astrospartus Mediterranean and the fauna is characterized by the surprising amount of lobsters. The Masca tour is a large area parallel to the coast which is only accessible by boat. The walls of these mountains are extremely rugged and in the ravines you can find lobsters, sea bream and eels. The surfaces are covered with Astroides, encrusting sponges, false coral and many other colours.


Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica ” Mare Club Biscione”

Azzurro Sea Kayak

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