Diving associations in Messina

City of Messina

Diving in Messina’s seabed will be an unforgettable experience. 

Booking an excursion you can discover the marvellous natural environment of its seabed. Here the list of the main associations where you can book your amazing excursion:

DiveSicily – Taormina (ME)
It is located in the charming Taormina and offers a series of dive courses suitable for beginner and experienced. Attending one of their tour you can discover the Azzura Cave, the Mazzaro Bay, the Roman Column, Isola Bella and much more.

Canoa Kayak Club Messina – Vulcano (ME)
It provides guided excursions on the Aolian Islands and Jonian Coast. Here are also available Sea kayak classes.

BLUNAUTA Diving centre – Milazzo (ME)
The diving centre provides thee impressive excursions:
The Land excursion which starts from Capo Milazzo passing through the Gulf of Patti, the volcano Etna and the skyline of the Aeolian Islands. It is a 1h and 30 min tour.
The Snorkelling Milazzo allows you to discover the wonderful seabed from the surface. Thanks to the presence of a marine biologists you can discover the coastline and its natural heritage.
The Snorkelling Aeolian Islands is an exciting tour which starts from the Fumarole di Lisca Bianca passing through the pool of Venere and the Cavallo Cave.

Diving Centre AQUATICA – Milazzo (ME)


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