Piazza del Duomo

Catania City

Piazza del Duomo is one of the most important part of the city and it is considered the main meeting point of the city by locals.

The central square of Catania, Piazza del Duomo, is the lively heart of this wonderful city. Rebuilt in 1700, after a tragic earthquake in 1693, this piazza was designed by Giovanni Battista Vaccarini, one of the most important architects in Sicilian history.

In beginning your exploration of this amazing city from this square, you can admire some of the most significant examples of the Sicilian Baroque masterpieces such as the Cattedrale di Sant’Agata (St. Anna’s Cathedral), the Fontana dell’ Amerano (fountain of Amerano), the Municipio (town hall) and the Fontana dell’Elefante with its iconic Elephant obelisk, the symbol of the city.
Today Piazza del Duomo is considered the main meeting point of the city by locals and for this reason it has a vivid and energetic nightlife thanks to the presence of its students and youth.

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