Etna Park

National Park In Province of Catania

Etna park is an incredible destination for your holiday in Sicily including a series of beautiful trails that you can follow to enjoy the wonderful natural environment of this volcano.

Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe, is considered by islanders as a god, a violent pagan symbol it has always been both respected and feared. Due to its many fascinating legends, Etna is a place that must surely be added to your wishlist.
There are some beautiful trails that you can follow to enjoy the wonderful natural environment of this volcano. First to note is the path of Acqua Rocca, towards the end of the walk you are directed through the Bove Valley which takes you inside the valley slopes.
The easiest trail is the Schiena dell’Asino (Donkey’s back) which takes you through a pine forest, here it is possible to appreciate the Bove Valley and stunning views of Catania and the Ionian Sea. The route that starts from the cave Serracozzo is one of the toughest; here more than anywhere else you can find lava stones formed during the many volcanic eruptions. From this location it will be possible to admire the Frumento delle Concazze, one of the biggest craters of Mount Etna. If you’re bringing children, the ideal trail is along the path of Grotta del Gatto, where kids can discover the wildlife among all the different types of trees and flowers. The first path created by Etna Park is called Monte degli Zappini, it’s super easy and passes alongside ancient lava flows. In addition to these beautiful trails there are all kinds of paths such as Monti Sartorius, Case di pietracannone, Pineta della Cubania, La val Calanna. Lago gurrida, Monte fontane, Monti rossi, Serra delle Concazze, Crateri silvestri.
In this area the environment offers a special overview on Riserva naturale orientata Timpa di Acireale, Riserva Naturale Integrata Complesso Immacolatelle  and Micio Conti, Area Marina Protetta Isole Ciclopi, Riserva Naturale integrale delle Forre Laviche Del Simeto.

Located at the foot of the Etna you can also find the Etnaland, a famous park which offers exciting experiences to its guests with its Acquapark and Themepark where visitors can enjoy a journey among scientific reproductions of dinosaurs and humanoids that lived on our planet since 430 millions years ago.

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