Festa di San Michele Arcangelo (29/09)

Caltanissetta Holy Festival

The Festa di San Michele is a traditional holy celebration dedicated to the patron saint of Caltanissetta. 

This holy feast celebrates San Michele, the patron saint of Caltanissetta. During the festival, the seventeenth-century statue of the saint passes through the main streets of the village where there are plenty of music and food stalls.
The Sicilian sculptor and artist Stefano Li Volsi created a wooden statue in 1550 to honour the patron saint of Caltanissetta and now it is preserved in the Mother Church of the old downtown centre. The holy celebrations dedicated to the patron saint last a week and are characterized by masses and songs. The main procession passes through the old narrow streets of the city centre and the saint is accompanied by the singing: “E gridammu tutti”, “W lu principi San Micheli Arcangiulu”. 
The feast ends when the saint stops at the main portal of the cathedral turning his eyes towards the square, and after the traditional fireworks the statue is placed it the Mother Church to be venerated by the faithful.

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