Florio Palace

Island of Favignana

Florio Palace is a well preserve example of Neo-Gothic buildings in Sicily.

The Florio Palace was built by Ignazio Florio in 1878, it is a marvellous building characterized by a Neo-Gothic style which was designed by renowned architect Damiani Almeyda. Its facade is austere and shows all the hallmarks of the Neo-Gothic style, its interior is enriched by precious art nouveau furniture made by the Oreta Florio foundry. The building was connected with underground paths to the kitchens, stables and servants’ rooms. Palazzo Florio was also a place where this aristocratic family used to host the most important and famous Italian personalities during the highly traditional yet bloody tuna fishing event, Mattanza. Today it is possible to visit the building and enjoy its well preserved interior, rich in history and beautiful furniture.

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