Fossa di Vulcano

Aeolian Islands

Fossa di Vulcano offers a wonderful view of the Vulcano Island and its impressive natural environment. 

Fossa di Vulcano, a fascinating dormant crater, is one of the most popular attractions in the island of Vulcano. This small island, inhabited by 700 people, is a famous holiday destination which attracts many Italian and foreign tourists every year. Thanks to its therapeutical Thermal Baths, Vulcano, is chosen by many celebrities who take advantage of the hot mud baths and fumaroles. People dive into the muddy water spreading the mud all over their faces and bodies.

Some useful tips:
Don’t wear watches and jewellery.
Stay in the mud no longer than 15 minutes!

Climbing the Fossa di Vulcano, also known as the Large Crater, is an unforgettable experience which allows you to enjoy a wonderful view of the island. This crater is 391 metres above the sea and the hike takes an hour to reach the lowest part of the crater’s ring. An observation platform allows visitors to see inside the crater and walking through its path down the volcano, you can reach its base which is 50 metres from the crater’s edge. You can book a guided tour at the Gruppo Nazionale Vulcanologia.

Some useful tips:
Water, Sun Cream and Sneakers are strictly recommended.

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