Gagliano Castelferrato Castle, the Aragonese Castle

Province of Enna

Gagliano Castelferrato Castle is a majestic historical building where it is possible to enjoy a stunning view of the island. 

From an aerial view the Gagliano Castelferrato Castle just looks like a giant rock placed in the middle of a  lushly green valley but if you look closely you will find entrance doors carved in the rocks.

The town of Gagliano rises near the Salso River, in the province of Enna just an hour drive from the main city of Enna. Over-towering the Gagliano town you will find the ruins of the Gagliano Castelferrato Castle. This castle is 651 meters in hight above sea level in a strategic position and the actual top of the rock reaches almost 800 meters in altitude. The climb to get on top is quite steep so make sure to wear trekking shoes if you have intentions to go all the way up!

The castle was built in the 11th century but it wasn’t until 1862 that the name Castelferrato (iron castle) was added – this was to underline the fact that the city was protected by a true iron fortress. Initially the castle was a settlement with simple brick houses on a rocky complex with an ingenious water collecting system used to gather the rain in cisterns. This strategically allowed the town to survive during attacks without having to go down to the river for water.

The castle gained notoriety once again when the emperor Frederick II decided to use it as a resting palace. He managed to turn it into an elegant and gorgeous home, where he could rest peaceful nights as the castle was so safe!

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